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TenderMeets Review 2023

TenderMeets Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 58%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 25-20
Profiles 30 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.3
Popularity 8.9
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • TenderMeets is not just a dating site; it’s a social platform;
  • The registration process is fast and simple;
  • You must be 18+ years old to sign up.
  • Full access to the TenderMeets platform will be available only after payment;
  • There is no verification process;
  • The legitimacy of this platform is still a topic of many discussions and TenderMeets review.

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What is TenderMeets dating platform?

TenderMeets Review

TenderMeets doesn’t have any special matching algorithm, so it’s more some kind of social network for novices in online dating than a decent dating site. This platform was created to help people find potential partners sooner. Due to the TenderMeets review, the methods used on TenderMeets dating site are quite simple—all users are can choose anyone from the website to date. Besides, it has interesting features that you can try out such as LGBTQ relationships or chat rooms. Even though there are many doubt about whether this website is legit, a number of TenderMeets users keeps on growing, because many people want to go back to basics these days, when it comes to dating niche. In this TenderMeets review you will learn everything you need to know about TenderMeets.

Is TenderMeets a Safe and SecureWebsite?

Even though there are some stories on the Internet from people who were communicating with someone they thought was fake, you can relax and be sure there’s no-one there trying to scam you on TenderMeets. Of course, you shouldn’t forget about privacy measurements. Don’t be too naive, and you won’t be disappointed. But this advice is suitable to all dating websites, not just TenderMeets online.

Who Are The Members Of The Platform

Who Are The Members Of The Platform

TenderMeets is the right place for you only in case you are ready for something serious. Most of the platform’s users are interested in finding love and getting married someday soon. So, if you’re not the kind of person who prefers commitment, you may try other dating websites.

It’s not surprising that the most active members on TenderMeets are middle-aged men. They are in that period of their life when they need something decent and want to have a soulmate near. TenderMeets is not famous only in the US; the international community is also expanding.

TenderMeets has a lot of members interested in same-sex relationships. So you shouldn’t worry about your preference, you will feel welcomed here, start searching for matches.

However, the absence of the verification on TenderMeets website provoked many people to try to use it for a scam. You can find profiles on TenderMeets flagged as potentially fake. If you decide to chat with such a user, you will get a warning sign. So, you can see, the TenderMeets mobile platform creators are doing everything to protect you.

Users’ Main Sexual Preferences

The majority of TenderMeets users are searching for heterosexual relationships. But there are also many opportunities for the LGBT community to get in touch and find their ideal partner. No limits.

There are all age groups presented on the website due to the TenderMeets review. The most active users are between 25 and 34 years old. Men use TenderMeets platform more often than women.

Is The Sign-Up Process Difficult?


Signing up doesn’t take much time on TenderMeets. You won’t need more than 15 minutes; then you will be able to start browsing searching for your perfect match. Don’t forget to add the info about what and who you are looking for to the site. You can not use TenderMeets site if you are less than 18 years old.

After you agree you are 18+ years old , you have to add your name, age, the gender of a person you are looking for. Your IP address will help to auto-populate your location.

Then, you will get an email for your TenderMeets account verification. You can add detailed information about yourself, for example, body type, eye, and hair color. You can also upload pictures. But if you want to start using the TenderMeets review platform right away, just skip all these steps.

How Can You Easily Create TenderMeets Profile

TenderMeets Profile

You don’t need to add anything specific to register on TenderMeets, just basic information. If you complete the platform’s questionnaire and fill out all the fields, your profile will get more attention and chats. Let your future partner know as much about yourself as possible.

Uploaded photos and videos also increase your chances of being noticed on TenderMeets. Additional info, such as your height, education, age, or body type, will also be helpful. If you have piercings or tattoos, you can include these details, as well as describe your lifestyle. All your thoughts at the moment may also be expressed in your profile. But, after all, it’s up to you. Only you should decide what you are ready to share.

Other TenderMeets users’ profiles will have this detailed information to help you choose too. For example, wouldn’t you like to know whether a person on TenderMeets hookup is straight, or maybe bisexual, or even gay? You will be able to see their location. However, many users do not upload photos, which may disappoint you.

TenderMeets review claims that when you upgrade to a premium version, you will get many more options. Premium subscription on TenderMeets allows you to view all the profile pics, and see what the user is searching for. This package will boost the chances of your profile to be seen as well.

Filtering techniques generally produce less personal recommendations, and the segment has low precision until it has been ruled out long enough. It is likely, therefore, that when we are short on time and have a few questions answered, the results are not the best, and the number of candidates is much higher.

The performance in a static group can be outstanding over time as the analyzed group size gets smaller and smaller. On the other hand, if new candidates enter the segment each time one leaves, as presumably happens in the platform, the process can be refined, to a certain extent, but it is never finished. So there are always candidates.

How Can You Start Communicating On TenderMeets

Communicating On TenderMeets

Once you’ve registered and gone through the verification process on TenderMeets, start browsing the platform. If you see somebody cool, you can start communicating in a few different ways:

  • Send a Message
    You can do this using both the free version and paid one. But if you want to interact with more than five users, you have to upgrade. The prices here are quite moderate. When all your TenderMeets free messages have been sent, you won’t be able to chat anymore. Not only sending a text will be unavailable, but also replying.
  • Like Gallery
    In Like Gallery, you will see all the users listed. If you find someone you like, you can press a Heart. A person will get a notification, and if the sympathy is mutual, you will get a match. You will also get information in case somebody checked out your profile.

The location of a member is a massive part of TenderMeets. You will be able to choose only from the list of users who are within some specified distance. It is fantastic because you can arrange the meeting easily with them. Maybe even on the very same day.

The Incredible Platform Features You May Find

TenderMeets Review

You will find a short affinity questionnaire on TenderMeets, in comparison with many other similar sites, where the questions take much longer. Therefore, registration takes us 10-15 minutes, and at the end of this questionnaire, you are asked to put a photo of yourself online. Note with this TenderMeets review, that unlike other dating sites, this step is not mandatory. But it allows, among other things, to limit the presence of false profiles.

TenderMeets interface is straightforward. Simple, bright, and with a minimalistic design, it will be quickly mastered by anyone. The search for other members is practical since you can search for a profile by criteria (region, age, type, etc.) or by the member’s user name if, for example, you had seen the profile in question once, but you weren’t sure if you wanted to get in touch with the person.

Desktop Version And Its Differences From the Application

There is also a “like” or favorites function, which lets you know who liked your profile. If you are the instigator, it will let the person you are interested in know that their profile appeals to you. Even if at registration there is no complete affinity test, TenderMeets will encourage you to complete a paid questionnaire to have better chances in love.

The most practical tool to use is chat, since you don’t need to pay it allows you to establish the first contacts with the members of TenderMeets!

Is There a Decent App Available

To register on TenderMeets site, people need to fill out the basic information about themselves before starting to chat. Whether you are searching for a casual encounter, friendship or more serious relationship, try to make your profile look complete. Unfortunately, because TenderMeets platform is quite new, there is no application available, only a mobile version of an official website.

General Usability And Layout of the Platform

TenderMeets Review

TenderMeets design is basic but it has a lot to offer in terms of usability and functionality. First thing that you will appreciate right away is certainly the quality of the profiles offered. You can find very interesting people and have a first filter by reading the presentations. Generally, someone who takes the time to write a nice presentation takes TenderMeets site seriously and has a lot to offer.

The second positive point is the fact that you can choose your photos, their order and change them at any time. It’s the same for the entire profile. You can do it when you want and change it at any time.

The third point is the fact that you can meet people from all over the world sharing our passions, our ideas, our way of life and all that is very clear in the profile. If you take the time to read everything, you will have no trouble finding out a lot about the person. It will become one of your favorite pastimes to read what people are saying about themselves on TenderMeets.

How Can You Navigate the Website Quickly

Everything depends on your profile in this kind of site, as TenderMeets review explains. You should just link it to an email address so you can use it and fill out your TenderMeets profile as you see fit. You put the photos you want, rearrange everything and write your presentation.

The TenderMeets site offers a match game. You should choose whether to like the people he offers and send them a message even if there is not a match. You can also choose to refine your research and put what you want. It is made for both heterosexuals and gay/lesbian communities, young people and seniors, married and singles. In short, the principle is simple and goes to everyone.

The TenderMeets may look like many other dating sites at first, however, many details differentiate it from the most popular relationship platforms.

The great attraction of TenderMeets is that people have “matches” that are aligned with their profile. In fact, the platform has very visible relationship options, which can decrease the number of mistakes and frustrating encounters.

It is not mandatory to complete the full TenderMeets profile to participate, but in doing so, the user is closer to finding someone compatible with their way of thinking and similar tastes. In the app interface, this is indicated by means of a percentage. The greater the 100% proximity, the more likely the contact is to have a profile that pleases him.

Therefore, when viewing a profile on TenderMeets network that has been carefully filled out, it is possible to know someone’s political, cultural, sexual, religious and leisure preferences. In addition to avoiding possible mistakes, this volume of information also serves as a hook to start a chat on TenderMeets.

Unlike on competitors websites, it is possible to send a message to anyone found on TenderMeets network, and not just those we had a match with. Another fundamental difference is the possibility of knowing who liked your profile, even if it is not mutual.

Price Range and Subscription Types

TenderMeets is an almost free site, it is possible to send and receive up to five messages without having to pay anything. However, some options remain blocked until you opt for a subscription.

TenderMeets site offers you few options, according to your budget, which is quite unconventional on the part of dating sites. The prices offered by the site are therefore as follows:

  • $ 34,99 for one-month subscription;
  • $ 59,97 for three month (which means $19,99 a month);
  • $ 95,95 is an overall sum for six month.

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What Does Paid AccessAllow You

The use of TenderMeets site is also free, however a good number of functionalities are only unlocked when a subscription is selected. The unlocking of the functionalities, once a subscription is chosen, is immediate.

Important Details About Subscriptions

It is useful to note that every month, TenderMeets offers promotional codes that are easily retrievable from sites by doing a quick search on search engines. You can therefore benefit from discounts of up to 50% on subscriptions.

Subscriptions on TenderMeets are automatically renewed. If you do not want to renew your subscription, remember to contact customer support so that they can assist you in the steps to follow to switch back to the free plan.

The List Of Main Payment Systems On the Website

With TenderMeets promos you can sometimes find subscription packages for the best price on the market. Payment options on TenderMeets are unlimited, you can use:

  • Discover;
  • MasterCard;
  • Amex;
  • Visa;
  • Diners Club International Card.

How Is Safety Maintained?

TenderMeets has great potential. Of course, as it often happens with the popular dating platforms, there have been scams reports, and some people may question its legitimacy. But TenderMeets always tries to protect its users. There is a Safe Mode on TenderMeets to filter all unverified members and potential scams. You can get many helpful dating tips so that you could feel safe while searching for love.

Is This Dating Website The One You Should Trust?

TenderMeets Review

In order to find the ideal partner, users are willing to reveal their names, jobs, place of work, where they like to have fun and more. TenderMeets platform tends to protect personal data using all the tools available on the market today. You should be calm.

Special Features Of The Platfrom

TenderMeets is a quite new dating platform on the market, it offers many options similar to other companies. But you can find something unique here:

  • 100% Money-Back Guarantee
    Here, client’s satisfaction is important, so you can get 100% Money Back Guarantee in case something doesn’t go according to plan. This feature helps to assure you that you won’t leave TenderMeets site without a match. If you don’t like the kind of service they provide, you can have the money you paid back. TenderMeets customer service support is always willing to help. But remember, you will have to prove that you really used the site and communicated with other people there.
  • Like Gallery
    TenderMeets’ like gallery reminds the one you can find on Tinder, the service shows you the currents pictures of members. You have a choice between the cross and the “heart” icon depending on whether you liked this TenderMeets user or not. There are 3 sections in you profile: “YOU LIKED” , “WHO LIKED YOU”, and “MATCHES”. The first one shows the list of people who caught your attention. The second, this users who liked your profile. Matches will display all the successful TenderMeets meetings.
  • Safe Mode
    This incredible feature allows you to be in control of your communication. If you switch it off, then everyone on TenderMeets platform can start a communication with you. Basic safe mode helps you identify unverified and potential scammers accounts so that you could ignore them. Full safe mode will allow you to chat only with verified TenderMeets members.
  • Promote My Account
    This will help your TenderMeets account get promoted even if you are not currently online. You just need to choose what you are searching for on a platform and the system will find the right way to make you more popular. You may also find new people included in your favorites list by TenderMeets website.



One of the features that made flirting apps famous was the inclusion of the slide feature: the system shows a photo and, with a simple gesture, you confirm (or not) your interest. Although practical and even a little addictive, this feature does not help much when the idea is to know if the person that, by photo, you thought was cool has similar tastes, which can cause frustration.

According to the social networking site TenderMeets, this type of experience has meant that the sliding feature has gained some disaffection in your target audience. According to the platform, 80% of its users say that they do not like or, at most, tolerate the fact that the slide function is the critical feature in most applications.

Americans are crazy about TenderMeets: intuitive interface, attractive features, foolproof moderation system.

If you want to optimize your meetings, and get the chance to find your life companion, opt for an American dating site with a large community. Register on the popular platform TenderMeets. Undisputed leader of serious meetings in the USA. And surprise, this site also offers “In Real Life” meetings with many interesting events. Test TenderMeets free version to make up your mind.

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