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MeetMindful was founded in 2015, and in these last five years, it has gained quite a mindful audience of loyal users. On the whole, the name seems a bit misleading at first — it somehow implies that the site targets mindful relationships — that is, long-term ones. In reality, this site targets people living a mindful lifestyle — whatever it means for you, personally.

So, this site has become a hub for people doing yoga, traveling, paying attention to the environment and spiritual development, and so on. Simply put, it’s a site with millennials in mind — even though it welcomes all users, regardless of age, gender, and relationship goals. The only criterion is living a mindful lifestyle.

The concept may sound unusual at first, but it seems to attract thousands of loyal users. However, how good is it for dating? We have taken some time to test drive this new service, so read on for a detailed description of features and prices.

Who are MeetMindful users

Who are MeetMindful users?

The platform is relatively new and targets a rather specific audience, which is why no one would expect a very vast user database. Still, given this site’s specific, their numbers are very impressive — 300, 000 total members with almost 40 thousand new users joining every month. While this service did not intend to target a specific geographic location, most of its users still come from the US — namely, from the US big cities. On the whole, this one is quite understandable because an ever-increasing amount of young people in the US cities are choosing to live a mindful lifestyle.

As for the audience’s age, here, the site caters to the most widespread user demographics — single people in their late twenties and early thirties. Even when one joins the site, it’s easy to see that most users are women — MeetMindful has a 70/30 ratio of women to men. Still, it’s impossible to say that ladies are fighting over each bachelor because not all people on MeetMindful are looking for love. Some are interested in online friendships and inspiration. In other words, this online dating site has already acquired some of the social media functionality.

When it comes to niche specifics, one can clearly see that MeetMindful is a great meeting spot for anyone interested in yoga, travel, green living, meditation, exercise, healthy nutrition, volunteering, and spirituality. Most of these questions will be asked during the registration phase, and most user profiles have a combination of several similar tags. But let’s take a closer look at the registration and user profiles in the paragraphs below.

How to sign up MeetMindful

The site offers a standard, old-fashioned registration with an email and a quicker Facebook login. The latter does save a couple of minutes, but you will still be required to answer a couple of basic questions about your personality and goals for using the service. However, your profile picture and basic details like gender, age, marital status, and sexual orientation, will be pulled from Facebook automatically.

The manual email signup will call for email verification — a standard confirmation link will be sent to your inbox. Later on, you will have to answer the same personality questions and manually enter your gender, age, etc. This stage of profile creation takes no more than five minutes, and you can also skip any info graphs for later. Note, however, that this will leave blanks in your profile.

Profile quality on MeetMindful

Once you’re finished with the registration phase, you will be able to make use of the basic search system and browse through other users’ profiles. As you do, you will notice that most accounts are highly detailed and informative. This happens because the site only asks the most basic stuff on the registration phase. Later on, new users are expected to add more details about their hobbies and expectations from a perfect partner.

Finally, there is the third and last stage of polishing up your MeetMindful profile. Here, users are asked several essay-like questions and are free to elaborate on those. On the whole, this a pretty challenging stage that calls for some creativity. However, there is no rush, and you can always modify your answers later.

MeetMindful allows uploading a total of six pictures, visible to other users for free. Once again, you can always remove or add pictures to your library — free of charge.

What can free users do on MeetMindful?

Frankly — pretty much anything because MeetMindful is one of those rare sites that offer plenty of communication means to its unpaid members. The whole logic behind dating on this site goes down to communicating with people you like and people who liked your profile. Based on user preferences, new members get several automatic matches a day. Then, they either like or ignore these profiles. When the user you liked likes you back (or vice versa), you two can start engaging in a meaningful conversation — free of charge.

Free users can also search for prospective matches with the site’s internal match-making algorithms instead of waiting for the service to show them an automatic suggestion. This should help all new members get a better idea of who MeetMindful users are and if the site is worth their attention. Absolutely all profile information, along with the pictures, is visible for free. But, once again, to start chatting, two users will have to like each other back.

In addition, MeetMindful offers quite a lot of articles on mindful living — and all of these blog posts are also available for free. You can choose blog categories you’re most interested in by setting up relevant filters and tags.

Website design, navigation, and mobile version

The site does have an app that runs both on iPhones and Android devices. You can download it for free, but frankly — it still has some bug fixing to do. Even though the app offers the same features as the desktop web version, it looks a bit rushed and takes some time to load. Also, some essential functional elements seem too closely placed together, which poses some difficulties for ultimately handy user experience.

In contrast, the site’s web version is polished almost to perfection — and the best part is — it runs on mobile as well. The whole website has a very down-to-earth, minimalistic design. Even though MeetMindful’s main target audience is young people with more than enough tech skills, such a minimalistic design is very refreshing. There are no excessive, flashy elements — this site literally has zero distractions. Not only is such an approach highly refreshing, but it also falls well with the primary goal of this service — mindful living and meaningful conversations.

Paid membership: features and prices

We already mentioned that the site does allow its users to communicate for free. So, what are the special features for paying members and — more importantly — does MeetMindful paid subscription even make sense? On the whole, the answer will depend on your goals with this service and your eagerness to achieve these goals.

The main difference between paid and free accounts is that basic members only get ten automatic matches a day. There is also a limit on liking other people’s profiles for free members — no more than three. Premium members, however, can see as many matches as they want and like as many profiles as they please. Also, they have a chance to reach out to other users even before the liking dance is complete. So, there is no need to wait for the mutual like to happen, which — if you think of it — can be both an advantage and a drawback.

Of course, there are a couple of other perks premium members can enjoy. With a paid subscription, one can make use of anonymous browsing, instantly see if another user has a basic or a premium account, and get access to the advanced search filters. The latter can be quite useful for those who know exactly what they want from a partner, up to their prospective matches’ dietary habits. In comparison to basic search filters, this system is way more complicated. But, once again, indicating every little detail of your partner’s personality and habits is not always the best way to look for a match. Unless, of course, you are absolutely confident that you will cut corners on specific character traits.

For the features MeetMindful offers to its paying members, their prices are within the average market limit — maybe, just a tad higher than average. The shortest subscription is just one week at $14, which is a very moderate amount to pay if you just want to give this service a try. If you decide to stay for longer, you can make use of a monthly membership at $29 or commit to an even more affordable plan of three months ($49) or half a year ($79).

Currently, the site accepts all major bank cards, but that’s where the variety stops — at least, as of now. Hopefully, the service will diversify their payment methods and add PayPal payments somewhere along the road. Also, note that absolutely all subscriptions with MeetMindful auto-renew. If you want to cancel your membership, you can do so quite easily. However, you will not get a refund. And, of course, if you want to switch from premium to a free account, you will have to do it manually before the next payment occurs.

User feedback on MeetMindful

User feedback on this service is mostly positive, especially from people who are looking for friends rather than dates. No wonder — online pen pals are easier to find, so you can see the results straight away. And, if you are looking for casual, friendly communication, there is no reason whatsoever to pay for a premium membership, which is another nice perk.

User feedback on MeetMindful

When it comes to people looking for romantic connections, most existing users are also optimistic. They praise the system on allowing them to find like-minded singles with similar goals and interests in life, pointing out that all profiles they’ve come across look legitimate. What’s even more important is that conversations on MeetMindful do result in real-life dates. The rest, of course, is up to your luck and chemistry.

The only negative feedback we’ve managed to find concerns payment means. For starters, there is only a credit card payment option. Second, some users report that it is somewhat challenging to cancel their subscription — you have to fully delete your credit card info from the settings to stop the recurring payments.

While the issue does seem inconvenient, we do not see that as a critique of a dating service, in general. That’s more of a technical issue that will probably be addressed soon enough by the programming team — especially if we consider that the site is relatively new and still has enough room for polishing up the minor issues.

Bottom line, MeetMindful seems like a good service the vast majority of users are happy about.

How legit is the service?

This all leads us to the final and the most important issue — MeetMindful is a totally legit, reputable platform for meeting prospective dates and establishing meaningful connections with people who share your lifestyle and values. While giving this site a test drive, we have not found any profiles that seem suspicious and have not received any messages that look spammy and robotic. After reading a bunch of customer testimonials, we saw that other users share the same option — MeetMindful is a legit, trustworthy site.

So, if you are someone living a mindful lifestyle, this platform is definitely for you. Of course, no dating site can guarantee a 100% success rate in finding a great match, but as far as the concept goes, MeetMindful does have something to boost your chances of finding someone truly special. Besides, even if you are not going to find the love of your life via this service, you can still meet plenty of inspiring people — and we all know how important this is. Finally, MeetMindful makes it possible to communicate for free, which is more than most other reliable dating platforms can offer.