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Feeld Review 2023

Feeld Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 91%
Popular Age 22-25
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 6.1
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The standard membership satisfies many users’ needs.
  • Users are allowed to join as single or couples.
  • The verification process through Facebook and contact number eliminate fake profiles and build an authentic user base.
  • The app has an automatic user interface.
  • The matching algorithm of the app is robust and comprehensive.
  • The iOS version of the app is slow and has many bugs.
  • Android users can’t avail of the premium membership.
  • There are no options for Facebook verification at the time of registration.
  • Automatic membership renewal, but users are allowed to cancel any time.

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People believe that Feeld is just a dating app for threesomes and nothing more. We have done a comprehensive Feeld review and came to know that a dating app is an innovative tool that caters to the needs of couples and singles that are interested in eccentric romantic relationships. The experimental app launch in 2014 attracted many curious people’s attention all over the world. Its popularity could be determined by the fact that about 1.8 million people downloaded this app from Google Store or iTunes at present. Why are people curious about this bizarre app, and what’s great about it? Keep reading our Feeld review to get your answers.

Feeld provides a safe ground to singles as well as couples to explore unique ideas, pleasures, relationships, and friendships. It’s privacy policies let people enjoy their selves without any concern of being harassed or judged. The options on the dating application permit people to be particular about their sexuality as well as what interests they have. It seems like people get creative when it comes to their sexuality and interests. The members of the app have some mutual understanding of gender options and sexual individuality. This kind of environment is only seen in LGBTQ niche dating websites or apps. No one will ask you about your sexual or gender preferences on this app. There will be no judgment and no harassment. You may get shocked to see many people share your eccentric tastes in sexuality as well.

Is Feeld Dating App Legit or Scam?

Is Feeld Dating App Legit or Scam?

A frequently asked question about the dating app is whether it’s legit or scam? In our detailed Feeld review evaluation, we came to know that the app is not a scam. Many legit users are using this app and enjoy the features and options.

What Kind of Members Will You Find on Feeld?

Before joining any dating website, it’s good to know what kind of members are using the site. We have gathered all information in this Feeld review to feed the curious minds of our readers. We will provide you a clear picture of what kind of members you will encounter when you register for the dating app.

The people signing up for the dating app are looking for some one-night fun or hookup. You come across members asking for one night stand, some fun night, or no strings attach to sex. The members of the dating app are looking for casual relationships or fun. Keep in mind that Feeld online app is not for serious or long term relationship seekers. But nobody knows you may find your soulmate on this app, the one who shares the same sexual desires and eccentric taste. Apart from some rare possibilities, mostly members focus on casual dating and flings. It’s legit to say that Feeld hookup services are what it’s famous among masses. It’s a good fit for those experimenting with some new sexual pleasures and want like-minded partners.

Sexual Orientation of the Members on Feeld

Sexual Orientation of the Members on Feeld

Feeld begins as an experiment by a couple who want to spice up their sexual life. The investigation turns into a successful app, with millions of people joining. The variety of sexual desires is like a dream come true for open-minded people. To sum up, there are about 23 options for sexual preferences. It includes Gynosexual, Gray-A, Objectimsexual, Homoflexible, Heteroflexible, Skoliosexual, and Omnisexual. Some straight to the point preferences include Gay, Bisexual, Lesbian, asexual, Bisexual, Straight, Polysexual, Asexual, Queer, Androsexual, Demisexual, Androgynosexual, and Autosexual.

We came to know about so many sexual preferences in our review that it shocked us. Find the meanings of these sexual preferences. Maybe they are what you are looking for or interested in. Almost 74 percent of members define themselves as heterosexual, but after exploring the other options, they may change their opinion. The dating all is an experimental ground where members can explore, discover, and test new boundaries of their sexual desires.

Age Distribution and Gender Ratio on the App

The gender ratio on Feeld is about 30% female and 70%, males. It seems like the male population love to experiment with their sexual preferences. You may find a variety of age groups on the app. Eighteen years is compulsory to age members below 18 are not allowed to register. You may find members between 18 and 24 years of age, but most members are between 25 and 34 years old. There are male members up to 55 or more available, but female users are mostly below 44 years.

Sign-Up Process and Login Information on Feeld

Sign-Up Process and Login Information on Feeld

You have an idea of what Feeld is all about. The next step is to sign up for the app. The first thing we notice in our Feeld review is the process is quick and straightforward. The whole may hardly take about 15 minutes of your time. To be honest, it’s great to go through the signing process without wasting hours.

How will you do this? Go to the field sign-in page first. You have to be signed in with your Facebook for verification. You will be asked to select gender and then decide the gender you are interested in. Next, enter your email ID and choose a strong password for your account. There is an option for a username as well. If you don’t want to use your name, you can enter a username. If you have already had one in mind well and good, if not, let us help you. The easy way to select a username is to use descriptive words that express the tone and personality. Using an expressive username will give other members an idea of who they are talking to or about to meet and what is exciting about you. The most part is where the dating app will ask about your personal information, which includes your date of birth as well as zip code. That’s it! It’s that simple to register. You have your login now, and you can sign in at any time. There is still a profile completion process and also some questions for finding your potential matches other than that you are good to go.

Making Impressive Profile to Find Potential Matches

Making Impressive Profile to Find Potential Matches

It’s time to make your profile in an impressive way that attracts members. In this Feeld review, we will walk you through how to do this task.

First, you need to go to the login page of the app where you can sign in your account. Keep in mind that the dating app is a casual dating or hookup app. Make your profile with these things in mind. Members want to know about other members, that means you have to answer some questions. This is the time-consuming part of the profile making. There is no compulsion that you have to fill out all the questions, but the more answers you give, the better your profile will look.

These answers will help the app find potential matches for you. It’s a simple system, the more detailed information you provide, the better the chances of compatible matches. We can agree with you that all this is boring and time-consuming, but we promise it will pay off in the end.

Now you have answered all the questions, don’t forget to put some of your best pictures. If you come across a profile with only one image, what will be your impression for the pattern not impressive, right! So to give a glimpse of your good looks, but a few photos to give members an idea. We recommend you took some time to complete your profile with details and sexy pictures. It’s a one-time process that will reap fruit in the long run.

Optional fields to fill include

  • Entering your name is optional.
  • I was writing something about yourself that highlights your personality.
  • Desires section where you can mention your sexual as well as romantic pleasures. You can add as much as the desires you want.
  • The interest section is where you can put all of your interests but nonsexual.

During our Feeld review, we test that the more we fill out the interest and desire fields, the better matches are paired with our profile. So fill these fields to your heart’s desire.

Connecting With Members by Sending Messages

You have complete the signing process. Your profile is complete, and ready now comes the exciting part. It’s time to start connecting with members and meeting them. Usually, all dating sites have chat features that permit users to communicate with other members. You like someone and want to know more about them, send them messages through the app. It’s as simple as that.

It’s 2020 simple messaging is so overrated, so dating sites are using voice as well as video chat features to make messaging fun. Send a short video introducing yourself or a voice message. In this way, people will get to know you better, and you will have a better peek at their personality as well.

Get started now! See who is online in the search feature of Feeld and choose the one that interests you and start messaging. Let’s the fun begin!

Feeld Platform That Members Can Use to Communicate

Feeld Platform That Members Can Use to Communicate

Just like many other dating tools, the Feeld platform also has both desktop and mobile versions. Which one is more convenient?

Desktop Version of the Dating App

Let us make something clear Feeld is a dating app and there is no desktop version of the app available. It can only be downloaded from iTunes and Google stores.

Feeld Dating App Interface and Usage

Feeld Dating App Interface and Usage

Feeld mobile dating app is straightforward and with clear functionalities. It could be downloaded for free from the Google and Apple stores for free. The messaging functionality of Feeld is different from other dating apps or sites. There is an option of group chats that allow you to add two profiles. The sign-in process is available within the app. You don’t have to open another website for registering.

After the upgrade of Feeld from 3ndera, the display remains almost the same. Even the notification of new messages is the same. The sound design of the app is fundamental, and simple icons do not take much space. The dark background with bright icons makes the photos pop out, and the sense of humor is the cherry on the top.

Design and Usability of the Dating App

Feeld design looks somewhat similar to the Tinder app. You can view profile pictures, scroll through them. There is a short description of the person with each image. You can zoom the picture by tapping on it. Then there are two options with every picture a heart if you like the user and slash in a circle if you are not interested.

If the other person reciprocates and wants you back, it will be a match, and it’stime to start chatting and know in person. Nothing more on the design to elaborate, so that’s all folks!

Is Navigation of the App Complicated?

Navigation of the Feeld dating app is simple and straightforward. Simple icons and to the point design make it easy to use for all ages and experiences. The entertaining part of the app is humorous messaging, e.g., when you select your sexual preference, members are warned with a note saying, “No nudity please, Society is not ready for your beautiful body.” This seriously makes our day during our Feeld review. Then the notification when you like a person “You are about to like this human. If they feel the same, you will be able to start a conversation” was epic.

Overall the navigation of the app is secure, and there are no sparks and glitters like modern apps in the market nowadays.

Feeld Dating App Costs and Prices

Freed dating the app is free to use, but the app has a paid or premium version, which has some unique features that the free version doesn’t have. What features are those? Keep reading our Feeld review to know the detailed characteristics of the premium version.

The added feature is easily accessible when you upgrade to the Majestic society membership. It’s the same as other dating websites or apps where paid members are provided with some luxuries that free members do not have any access to.

If you want to know or take a test drive of the paid version of the app, you can take a seven day trial for free. This trial period starts with your registration. The subscription charges are automatically charged unless you cancel the subscription at least a day before the trial ends.

Majestic society charges

  • One month subscription fee is 11.99 USD
  • Three months subscription fee is 23.99 USD in total and 8.00 USD per month with a 40% discount.

Comparing Paid Services vs. Free Services

Comparing Paid Services vs. Free Services

Feeld is a free app and provides a range of services to free members. Some special services are only accessible by the Majestic members.

Free services of the app

  • Messaging other members through the app
  • Liking profiles free members are interested
  • Signing up or registration process doesn’t cost anything
  • Search filters are accessible by all members.

Fee-based Services

  • Incognito feature. With this feature, the majestic members can enable the anonymous mode. The incognito mode hides the profile from their FB friends as well as the members on the Feeld app. It would be like I can see you, but you can’t.
  • Curiosity feature. This feature enables the majestic members to see which users have liked their profile from the members they have disliked or missed.

How to Pay for the Dating App?

How to Pay for the Dating App?

Feeld dating app has an option for payment for its members. Members can pay through PayPal, credit cards, and mobile phones too.

What Are the Payment Systems of the App?

The payment system is spontaneous, and the subscription is renewed automatically. Members need to cancel their subscription before the subscription expires to avoid automatic renewal. Make sure you end your subscription at least a day before the expiration day.

Safety and Security Policies of Feeld

Feeld dating app has regular search tools which are based in location and ordinary standard matching features. Apart from these usual features, the app has spectacular privacy and security policies. The app supports its members’ kinky pleasures and makes sure that it’s users are in a safe environment away from any public exposure as well as harassment. The security of the app can determine with the feature that users have the choice to lock their dating app by using a passcode for safety.

The security measures of the app keep the fake profile at a distance. The verification process of Feeld through Facebook accounts makes sure that the identity and age of the members are not fake. This authentication process filters out most of the scam profiles from floating around.

How Does the Feeld Dating App Avoid Scammers?

How Does the Feeld Dating App Avoid Scammers?

Feeld dating app takes all safety measures to keep the scammers and fake profile to a minimum. The first step of safety is verification through Facebook, which ensures the authenticity of the member’s identity and age. The site does not overlap your personal affairs with your social media account. Secondly, members are permitted to communicate with members that do not have any interest in them. Communication is only possible if both parties have an interest. This feature prevents scamming, which makes Feeld a safe and secure app to use.

Exclusive Features of the Feeld Dating App

Feeld unique feature’s primary focus is communication and privacy. These features are available for Majestic members only.

Last seen feature. Members can see when other members were last seen.

Connection feature. It tells members when somebody wants to connect with them.

Incognito mode. This feature hides majestic members’ profiles from FB friends who are Feeld’s members.

Look around the feature. This feature enables some users to match to those that are in their look around settings.

Final Verdict About Feeld Dating App

The Feeld app is comparable to Tinder, and other hookup dating apps in functionalities. But when it comes to features and safety policies, the dating app sure takes the cake. The dating app gives priority to its member’s privacy and keeps the data confidential. It also provides anonymity to its members, which allows them to hide from other members. Besides, the app is an excellent platform for those people who have eccentric taste in sexual relationships and want to connect with like-minded people for some casual flings. If you’re going to liven up your sex life, Feeld is the best app to join at present. It caters to the needs of many sexual preferences like BDSM and even threesome for that married couple who want to add some color to their romantic relationships. Overall, Feeld is a casual dating app that is best for hookups and flings.

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