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Fdating Review 2023

Fdating Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 92%
Quality Matches 88%
Popular Age 20-55
Profiles 2 020 000
Reply Rate 76%
Ease of Use 9.6
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • It is completely free. The users don’t need to pay for any of the services.
  • It is a huge fan base, with an immensely large dating community.
  • The users belong to a large number of countries from different parts of the world.
  • Due to the large and versatile Fdating site database, you have greater chances of finding a partner from your region or having the same background and interest as yours.
  • It is pretty simple to use and understand.
  • Users can report and block the people who ask for money.
  • It shows the number of people online on the site and people who have their birthdays on that particular day.
  • There are quite many fake profiles on this dating site.
  • As the design is quite simple to use, it seems a bit old and outdated.
  • It takes a while to form a strong connection.

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What is Fdating about?

A dating site that keeps growing larger, Fdating proves that all that is free is not worthless. It boasts that it is an entirely free dating platform. One does not need to pay for any special services. Many people wonder about the meaning of “F” in Fdating. Though there is no official statement or clarification from the platform’s owners, “F” most probably stands for “Free.” Thus, in this Fdating Review, we can say that this platform is all about finding matches, building connections, and relationships all for free.

This dating platform has an international dating community. Singles from all across the world can flirt here. People have stories of meeting the love of their lives on Fdating. If you are looking for someone to have a fun time with, it is still a good option for you. After all, who knows when you might even find the one you’re looking for? Read on this detailed Fdating Review to know to decide if this dating platform is worth your time or not. Here you will find everything, including pros and cons, membership constitution, the sign-up process, and more about Fdating.

Is Fdating legit or scam?

Is Fdating legit or scam?

You might have this misconception due to certain stereotypes towards free services. These stereotypes make us believe that anything that is being offered for free comes with a catch. However, this is not the case with Fdating.

Initially launched in 2009, it has been doing things right since then. People seem to be growing more and more interested in the platform. Above all, no scam has surfaced till now relating to it. It is worth mentioning in this Fdating Review that you may meet individuals on the platform that turns out to be scammers or cheaters. However, there are such people everywhere on the Internet and in the real world. It is best not to ignore the red flags. With some standard precautions, you can remain safe and make the most out of legit Fdating.

Membership Constitution On This Site

The types of members present on a dating site make the most difference. They are the people who you’re going to engage with. In this Fdating Review, you will get to know in great detail about these members.

The membership here comprises and is open to individuals from all over the world. However, most people on Fdating seem to be from the USA, Russia, and Ukraine. People on this dating platform comprise of many different language speakers.

You cannot judge all the people on Fdating to fit into one category. Some people come online mainly to flirt and have a fun time. On the other hand, some people really want to have a companion with whom they’re compatible. They arrange to meet up and fall in love. You will also find people on Fdating who are there just to let go of their daily worries. Many people have beautiful stories of finding their right one and living a happily married life.

Sexual orientation

  • There are more women on the dating site than men.
  • There is a majority of straight people on the dating site.
  • There is neither any visible resentment nor much-displayed welcoming towards trans or homo people.

Age Distribution

  • As estimated from the members shown online on the site, most of them range from 25 to 60 years old.
  • Most women are between the ages of 25 to 40.
  • Most men are between the ages of 35 to 60.

How is the Registration Process?

How is the Registration Process?

The sign-up process on Fdating is quite plain and straightforward. You can understand the complete sign-up process beforehand through this Fdating Review. It will hardly take more than two minutes to register. First of all, you will have to provide ordinary personal details. These include username, country, gender, and email. Your username will comprise of a minimum of two characters and cannot have a digit. After entering these details, one needs to check the box that ensures she agrees to the “Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy”.

After this, there is the step of providing a bit detailed information to Fdating. This includes hobbies, physical appearance, and interests. In the quote box, you can be creative and write about yourself in appealing words. In the next quote box, you will have to describe your future ideal match. In these quote boxes, you cannot provide your contact information like phone number, email address, and IM screen names. Moreover, one cannot also use coarse language on Fdating.

After that, login details will be provided to you on your registered email. Check your email for these login details and enter them on the home page of the site. This will complete your successful login.

Profile Creation on Fdating

Profile creation on Fdating is highly simple. Once the profile is unlocked after login, everyone can see the profile and the approved images. It has been noticed while researching for this Fdating Review that many members do not fill their profiles. They are not mostly conscientious in filling the profiles. Many people would just share information about their country and age. Yet there are also people, though less in number, who fill details about themselves and their ideal partners completely and honestly on Fdating.

On every profile, you would be shown four buttons. These are “Add to Favourites”, “Send Message”, “Abuse”, and “Add to Blacklist”. The last two of these buttons can come in handy when you are bothered by a fake profile or a scammer. As has been reported, there are a lot of fake profiles on Fdating.


  • All users can message each other for free.
  • To message a person, one has to check his profile first.
  • On the profile, click on the option “Send Message”.
  • Many times, people on Fdating do not reply spontaneously.
  • Unlike many other dating platforms, video chat is possible here.

People often have to face a stroke of tough luck in getting a reply back. If you don’t get a simple reply within some hours, you should not bug them further with lots of messages. To make a possible connection, you might have to put some extra effort into sending your first text. Try connecting with some other person instead. On Fdating, you can help yourself in finding the right person to communicate with by applying the appropriate search filters.

How is the platform for use?

How is the platform for use?

As we have already described in this Fdating Review, that platform is completely free to use. There are no services to be charged for. It is quite plain to understand. Two main search features make it easy to find a match on this dating site. The first one is “Gallery” which can be viewed as the official search manager of Fdating. It sorts the prospects according to age, gender, country, range, religion, and physical appearance. The other one, the “Search” tab, has more broad filters and provides greater chances of finding the best match on Fdating.

The dating site approves every picture before it is made visible to other members. It may take some time for the photo to get approved. This is done to ensure that people don’t propagate nudity, vulgar, or improper content on Fdating. Additionally, the photos should also not be fake or derived from the Internet.


To access the dating site, first of all, you need to open your browser. The website’s home page shows the option of Log In under the icons of flags of several countries. These flags are symbolic of the languages into which the site can be translated. Fdating shows the number of men and women online for different language speakers.


Unfortunately, there is no mobile application of this dating platform.

Design and Usability

The design of this dating website is quite simple and looks a bit outdated. There have not been many efforts put into making the website look more attractive for the users. Also, even the beginners can get the latch on to online dating by using Fdating.

The one attractive aspect of the website is that it shows the pictures of its most popular members. Although a user can view her profile and see how many times her profile has been viewed. These are the views that pertain to the past 30 days.

The navigation on Fdating becomes somewhat cumbersome as some pages and profiles load slowly. Otherwise, there is nothing much that makes navigation difficult. The top menu bar on the home page shows four tabs. These include “Home”, “Join Now!”, “Gallery”, and “Search”. We have already explained in this Fdating Review, in different sections above, what all of these serve on the platform.

Do You Need To Pay Anything Here?

Do You Need To Pay Anything Here?

As mentioned, there is no payment required to access any services on Fdating. All the features are free to use for everyone. At no point, will you be charged by the official dating platform. However, you might meet some fraudulent people on the dating site who may ask you for money.

Fdating prohibits such actions and provides a warning and caution to report such profiles on the home page itself. You have not to maintain contact if someone asks you for money. For if you had to pay for the services you’re receiving, why would you choose a free platform! The essence of Fdating is completely free for all the users; hence the idea should be upheld religiously.

Safety & Security

With all the fuss about this dating site being curiously free of any charges, you might be wondering if it is a safe place for you. It is completely understandable and appreciable. Being cautious of one’s safety is a sign of wisdom. You do not need to risk your safety and security over any other thing.

  • Therefore, you would be glad to know that Fdating is a safe platform for you to find your desired partner. The following measures ensure your safety on the platform.
  • The website does not ask for too much information, which assures you that they cannot exploit anything.
  • There have been no reported instances of Fdating collecting and selling the information you provide to any organization.
  • They check every photo for all unwanted content and only then approve it. Only the approved pictures are made visible to other members on the site.
  • On the dating website’s home page is a warning against sending money to people you find online.
  • They provide the option to report such people who ask for money.
  • Also, there are options to report abusive people and also block people you do not want to be connected with.

You should also remain alert when you start seeing red flags in people you meet online. Never be manipulated by someone into doing something you don’t want.


As of now, no scams have been reported that have the involvement of Fdating itself. The website does have a dubious reputation. This is because of a considerable number of fake profiles. Additionally, some individuals ask people to send money through the site. These people undertake these activities in their capacity and are not connected with Fdating.

Nonetheless, these kinds of people may be found on other dating platforms as well. The real world is full of individual scammers too. With the help of your evaluation and the measures taken by the platform, you can remain protected from scammers.

What’s Special on Fdating?

What’s Special on Fdating?

Most dating communities provide some exciting features to attract more and more users. Although Fdating lacks any out of the box feature, it still has some decent features that enhance the user experience. The most prominent ones among those are discussed here.

  • Language Selection

As soon as one visits the home page, she gets the option to translate the website into her native language. There are numerous languages from across the globe to which the website can be translated. This is a great factor for those who have difficulty in English or love to converse in their mother tongue. The flags help the person choose her language.

  • Profile Views

Most people want to know how popular they are in a dating community. To assess this there is the option to gauge who has viewed ones profile and how many times it has been viewed. These are the views that have been received on a particular profile in the past 20 days.

  • Messaging filters

With the help of these filters, one can choose to receive messages from only specific people. You can apply filters of photo availability, age, and country.

  • Favorite list

You can favorite some profiles from time to time. You can visit this list to connect with those you have marked as favorites at any point of time.



Fdating is a platform meant for those people who do not wish to spend any extra money while online dating. This springs from the idea that romance should not be a privilege. It makes available the thrill of online dating to everyone. Building a connection on Fdating does take time. This could be attributed to fake profiles and the large number of members comprising this dating community. It could be said that the creators of this website have been doing things only the right way without taking any risks and growing their platform. It is equal parts of the place for those looking for serious long-term relationships and those looking for some fun. Many people on this dating platform look for building genuine and lasting connections. These are times when most online dating platforms are coming up with ideas and special features to help the isolated populations. This might be the perfect time for Fdating too to take an exciting plunge.

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