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EastmeetEast Review 2023

EastmeetEast Review 2023
About Site
Active Audience 90%
Quality Matches 92%
Popular Age 25-28
Profiles 2 000 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 7.4
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Career development opportunities with eastmeeteast;
  • Eastmeeteast profile checks;
  • Eastmeeteast simplified process of registration and use;
  • Unique member contingent of eastmeeteast.
  • The main drawback one might notice with EastmeetEast is the price for certain services.

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EastmeetEast Functionality & Background

EastmeetEast Functionality & Background

Tailored for the needs of Asian singles, EastmeetEast dating site has been an Asian Cupid for ages. A platform is focused on English speakers. The website was launched back in 2013 and gained an impeccable repuftation since then. An immense number of young, beautiful and successful Asian males and females managed to create happy relationships. Since the time of launch, the site gained about 700 000 participants with the number growing daily. According to EastmeetEast review most people who registered reside in the United States and speak English, have lucrative jobs and find online dating the most suitable for their lifestyle. The platform unites people of various religions, backgrounds, and views. It proved to be efficient and needed badly in modern times. Scroll down to see a talk through the pages of EastmeetEast review.

EastmeetEast dating is built on certain principles. The site bans violation of human rights, privacy, and takes active measures to provide security for every member who trusts their account to the website. Eastmeeteast aims at creating a comfort zone for Asians looking for friendship, fling or marriage. It is a kind of Asian Cupid who works 24/7 to maintain a positive atmosphere on the website and unite people’s destinies. Not only romantic meetings but friendships and businesses have been launched with the help of EastmeetEast online.

EastmeetEast offers free registration and use of the website to females. Males, on the other hand, pay for using the extensive range of options that the site has. Asian females are in high demand among the males of all nationalities and ethnicities. To make sure that women get the best they deserve, the site protects them.

Hence, the registration of males at EastmeetEast is possible, disregarding their ethnicity or nationality. The main requirement is to be a passionate admirer of Asian beauty, and respectful toward the rules of the site.

Whether we are buying goods online or having a conversation we all want to know that the platform used for that is legit. Scams are abundant on the Internet. To avoid trouble, EastmeetEast provides guarantees of personal data protection. The employees have access to the information that user shares, IP address is preserved by the server, and some notifications might be sent to the phone and email provided. All the information is standard of any site. EastmeetEast does not require any classified information and does not share the existing one. In the focus is the information that can potentially improve the services of the site.

Quality of Membership on the website

Quality of Membership on the website

If one was to describe the members of EastMeetEast with one word then diversity would fit most. The diversity is represented by the number of genders, backgrounds, social statuses, and locations. Most users are English speakers coming from the United States. However, the website is available worldwide. In the modern world, borders do exist, especially when it comes to online dating. To make an experience more convenient for the users, they can opt for partner search according to the location. If meeting a person in real is crucial for you, go for nearby locations.

Variety of Sexual Orientation

EastmeetEast dating services are opening its doors to people of any sexual orientation. Simply fill in your gender and preferences while creating the profile. Also, use the advanced search options to find a person of an orientation you are interested in. EastmeetEast supports the idea that love knows no stereotypes.

Age Categories

EastmeetEast has a large pool of members. All the members can be divided into the following age categories:

  • 18- 25 y.o
  • 26 – 35 y.o.
  • 36 – 45 y.o
  • 45 – 50 y.o
  • 50 +

The largest category that comprises about 35 % of users is the second one. However, the number of active users is fluctuating. A fact is that every age category is represented in abundance on EastmeetEast is a constant in this equation. As the practice shows, males and females of one age category rarely communicate. It often happens that a young female is looking for a more mature man. Eastmeeteast Review section of the site contains a lot of hints that help out with selecting the right candidates for you.

Guide on Signing Process & Login

Guide on Signing Process & Login

A brief overview of points on Registration at EastmeetEast:

  • Facebook login to the site is possible
  • 2 – minute registration
  • Uploading a photo instantly is not obligatory

To be more precise, the process of registration or setting up the user account works in the following way.

Taking you to want to use Facebook, the process will take a second for you. If you follow the manual registration process then the following information will is needed:

  • Preferences on gender (gender of a user and potential partner)
  • Name, job, date of birth
  • Ethnical background (all ethnicities are welcomed)
  • Country and zip code (most members are from the USA, still other countries are abundant)
  • Email address and password for your account (a valid email is required for the account to be activated)

It is crucial to select a valid email address since the account on EastmeetEast dating will be activated via that address. As soon as you fill in the information fields, you will be offered to put some photos. That step is not obligatory right away. You can activate the account without uploading the images and sort it out later.

Guide on Profile

After going through the registration procedure, filling in the basic information, a user needs to work on the profile. Why profile matters so much for EastmeetEast? It is your face, a presentation that other users look at when they are trying to make contact with new people. For sure, the saying goes that we should not judge the book by its cover, but women are going above and beyond to improve their profile.

Here are the benefits that EastMeetEast dating provides to improve the quality of your profile:

  • Connecting to Instagram
  • Indication of offline/online status
  • Photos go through approval by a moderator
  • A board that shows how complete your profile is in percents
  • Your photos can only be seen by members with approved photos (at least 1 photo)

These five facts influence your rating in the search greatly. If a user has not completed the profile, a lot of gaps are tracked, the profile will be hidden. At least one photo should be approved by the moderator for the profile to be displayed for other users.

What other users see on your profile is also moderated. In general, when you open any profile you will see a photo. The photo can be zoomed in only by the users with approved images. If a user connected the Instagram page to EastMeetEast online account, the uploads will be visible as well.

Besides the photo, there will be a basic summary of the user’s biography. The age, ethnicity, name, the job will be indicated under the photo.

The main thing to remember is that one uploaded & approved picture is a must for your profile to be seen. The rest is up to you. You can share as much of your story as you deem necessary for a person to get interested in you.

Guide on Profile

Chats & Messages

EastmeetEast dating starts with simple messaging. To make contact, users need to search profiles they are interested in, or see the recommendations. Under the profile photo of every user, one can find a button that enables a wink or a message. The only restrain in messaging the users for makes is a type of membership purchased. The free basic membership allows seeing the preview of the message. If your profile received a message and you are interested in opening it, you can get a membership at any time.

Let’s look at the contacting options for females and males since there will be slight differences in freedom of movement here. First of all, contacting options for females are free. The same option is available for males if they get coins on the website or membership of premium class. If a male member is using the platform for free, he will receive the preview of the messages.

A lot of fun is enabled with the help of a Search button on EastmeetEast. The advanced search option has an upgraded filter range. Using the button assists with finding an almost absolute match within a matter of seconds. In a pool of a million members, the search button works like a magic wand. Using the Advanced search is probably one of the most effective tools that website creators ever invented. As to more recommendations on how to master messaging at the website address EastmeetEast review section on the bottom of the main page.

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

Like any modern website, EastmeetEast dating operates on desktops as well as the mobile app. As the statistics show, more features are used in a desktop version and mobile one is in use for messaging. A point to remember though, mobile version is working just as perfectly as a desktop one.

Desktop version features

The desktop version is represented by the blue and gray color interface. A lot of useful tips are displayed in the top right corner of the site. On the bottom, you can see some of the profile samples, in case you still wonder how the members look.

The site gives the contact section where you can find the HQ address of EastmeetEast. The success stories serve of particular interest since they bring a lot of inspiration.

Is there an app?

For those preferring to use their phones, the EastmeetEast mobile app is available. The site is a bit more than 80 MB. Hence, be prepared to sacrifice the memory. A pocket version of EasmeetEast is designed to maintain the user’s presence at the website even at times when they are away from their desktops. Due to the mobile version, it is possible to get the phone out of your purse and discuss potential matches in a circle of friends.

The features EastmeetEast mobile app is entertaining its users with are:

  • Live Stream
  • Chat room
  • Recommendations and tips on matches at EastmeetEast

The app is compatible with iOS only so far. In general, the functions of the desktop version are represented in the mobile one.

Website usability features

EastmeetEast dating website is well- adjusted to different sizes of screens and Internet connections. The search options work perfectly on desktop and mobile versions. The site does not need any additional guidance since the main page of the website takes the user to the registration and gives all the detailed instructions. A collection of featured videos give an insight into the site operations, for those who do not like to read a lot.

The main page contains only relevant information on Asian dating, EastmeetEast review, and privacy. There are not additional pop up, or links to irrelevant sources. It pleases the eye and lets you focus on what you came there for.

Website Style

It does not take a rocket- scientist to navigate EastmeetEast dating site. The content on the main page of the website is focused on the users who look for guidance in online dating. On opening, the main page users see the option to register on the left and login on the right. One before the Login option offers to get acquainted with the tips on dating. The bottom of EastmeetEast contains all the standard list of options like Terms and Policies, EastmeetEast review, etc.

EastmeetEast Costs and Fees

EastmeetEast Costs and Fees

EastmeetEast works with coins. The coins can be purchased in bulk. For example, 1800 coins will cost $4.99, 18 000 coins – $24.99. Membership account price depends on the duration. It can be 1 ($34.99), 3(68.97),6 ($197.94) or 12-month (143.88) membership. In general, the prices at EastMeetEast are moderate.

Capabilities of Paid & Free memberships

EastmeetEast operates on a free and paid basis. The list of free services includes registration & progile setup, searching, exchanging smiles & winks, texting users with premium accounts.

To get more experiences on EastmeetEast, the user needs to get a membership. It will enable the user to apply the extensive range of filters in the Advance search as well as unlimited messaging.

Free services exist intending to let the user peep into the online dating world of EastmeetEast and get assurance that it is safe. To feel and use all the benefits of the site, a membership is needed.

For those hesitating to get a long- term membership, the website gives a chance to test it for free. On making sure that you feel comfortable using it, purchase the membership and use EastmeetEast in its full extent.

Payment Processing

EastmeetEast unique feature is possessing its currency. The coins a user can buy with the credit card are used to pay for a membership, subscription, and other services a user wants to purchase.

Taking a user is subscribed for a certain membership, it will automatically be renewed and paid for with the coins. Unless the user decides otherwise and cancels that option.

EastmeetEast does not charge any hidden commissions. The prices of the services are listed with all taxes included. The key is transparency. It is recommended to address the bank you are using, in case any issues appear. In most cases, any additional costs or stoppages are coming from the side of the user bank. Granted you need to contact the website directly, use the button Contact. It takes you to a messaging system via which you can send your request.

Payment Means

EastmeetEast currently processes credit cards only.

Safety & Security Measures

Safety & Security Measures

In the section Terms of Service, EastmeetEast creators wrote down and exhaustive explanation of safety measures they take. To start with, the information a user fills in is only seen by certain employees of the site. In particular, those who are responsible for security. Another measure taken is a thorough work of moderators. These people ensure that freshly created profiles are checked for legitimacy, valid identities are used, and real photos are uploaded. Every profile goes through the monitoring process and it takes about 24 hours to approve it. Report User and Block User are magic buttons that send the user as far away from you as possible. For sure, the moderators will be suspending the account that received lots of complaints and checking the validity of reasons for that. In any case, the user is protected.

In case the user is displaying an offensive behavior or is suspected of wrongdoing, there is an option to report and block them. The complaints about scams from other users are controlled by the moderator. EastmeeteEast moderators are not robots or programs, but real people who are responsible for validating the complaint or clarifying it.

Bonus Features

The features that make Eastmeeteast stand out are dating recommendations for Asian singles, and an option to see members that took a glance at your profile as well as winked. The statistics on your profile views give you a clue on how popular you are. It also lets you see who is trying to reach you.



EastmeetEast is a dating site that connects Asian singles with other singles. The website attracts Asian females in desperate need of a relationship. It creates the most favorable conditions for females to open up and find love. Asian females also enjoy free memberships. All the luring tricks that EastmeetEast used worked, and the site managed to get a pool of fantastically gorgeous single females. It was voted as the most comfortable and most used site by Asian ladies. For males of all ethnicities, it is a sign of a bounty place. Looking for Asian beauty should start with EastmeetEast dating since almost every respectable Asian lady has an account on this website. Whether getting a long-term membership right away or testing the website for free for some time, this experience will be pleasant. A large number of people seeking EastmeetEast hookup tell us that the world is full of lonely people who need a Cupid.

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